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1. By The Font  -
BTF 7x5 --a 7x5 dot matrix font. BTF Bitter --a font which looks vaguely like the old 8-bit screen fonts ... All fonts available through this site are copyrighted by Alex and ...

2. Engraved 7x5 Horizontal High Polish or Brushed Finish Photo Frame  -
This engraved horizontal high polish or brushed nickel frame makes a perfect engraved corporate gift, anniversary gift or any special occasion gift.

3. Applique Design Sets - Five Star Fonts (Powered by CubeCart)  -
Trendy Dots Font, Whimsical embroidery Fonts, Trendy embroidery Fonts, Trendy embroidery Monograms, Machine embroidery fonts, embroidery fonts, Whimsical ...

4. Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Debuts H9 Touch-Screen IJP and H8P ...  -
Character matrix: 5x5, 7x5, 9x7, 12x10, 16x12, 24x18, 32x24. Printing speed: 5x5: 1,811 ... Printing speed: up to 1,400 cps (7x5 font, single line) ...

5. Photo Size 7" X 5" Paper :EROL  -
... Photograph Reproduction%3C/FONT%3E~~9.99~~~7x5,5x7,7%22x5%22,5%22x7%22~~Zero_Rate~0~0~ 0,0, ... 3CBR%3EProfesional Photograph Reproduction%3C/FONT%3E~~10.99~~~7x5,5x7,7%22x5%22,5 ...

6. Ink-jet printer | Product | Packaging World  -
Designed for basic coding applications&#44 this small-character continuous ink-jet printer runs at speeds up to 950'/min using a 7x5 ...

7.  -
Micromarker also provides you with expandability not normally found in low cost ... 5 Standard fonts 5x5 Single 5x5 Double Dot 7x5 Single 7x5 Double Dot 15x12 ...

8. Ink-jet printer  -
Willett America's (Ft. Worth, TX) latest addition to the 400 Series of ink-jet ... continuous ink-jet printer runs at speeds up to 950'/min using a 7x5 font. ...

9. AlphaXpress 8100 Series  -
LED Display Signs for ITS and Transportation, manufactured by Adaptive Micro Systems. ... character is 8" (190 mm) tall. Line count based on 7x5 font with two-pixel row spacing ...

10. Identifont - Croissant  -
About Identifont | Free fonts | Top fonts | Latest additions | FAQ | Terms of ... More than 30 fonts are consistent with your answers; here are the best matches: ...

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