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Free Bmf fonts on the Web

Relevant web pages
1. Trenki's Programming Page - BMF_Font  -
Old OpenGL bitmap font library ... BMF_font library is an OpenGL font library. It can be used to load .bmf font files generated with
2. bitmap fonts  -
Font je druh písma. Bitmapový jest rastrový (obrázkový). Bitmapový font je tedy tvořen obrázky jeho jednotlivých znaků. Tato stránka budiž Vám nápomocna ...
3. ZDoom • View topic - BMF Bitmap font support  -
Closed Feature Suggestions ...
4. Identifont - BMF Elleonora Dun Cane  -
Information about the font BMF Elleonora Dun Cane and where to buy it.
5. Identifont - BMF Elleonora Dun Cane  -
BMF Elleonora Dun Cane. Information about the font BMF Elleonora Dun Cane and where to buy it.
6. BMF Elettriche modular font  -
Discover Alessio Leonardi’s modular font, the BMF Elettriche. The icons look better to me than the fonts, but the concept itself is interesting.
7. How to create .bmf font file? - Nokia Developer Community ...  -
hello everyone, I am using high end UI design (j2mepolish) in my application. In my ... Is it sure that you have tried searching? Because searching for bmf font file ...
8. BMF – ByteMap font format - bitmap fonts  -
offset size meaning; 0: 4: magic header (its hexa dump is: E1 E6 D5 1A) 4: 1: version (currently 11 hexa) 5: 1: line-height: 6: 1: size-over the base line (-128..127)
9. BMF Objects Pi - Desktop font « MyFonts  -
BMF Objects Pi is part of the BMF Symbols Collection, a gorgeous, versatile and highly original family of symbols (drawings, icons, pictograms). Unlike the other ...
10. BMF Elleonora Dun Cane™ - Desktop font « MyFonts  -
Strictly speaking, BMF Elleonora D’un Cane is not a typeface. She was simply written on a piece of paper, then one evening discovered the magic blinking light of ...

Commercial Fonts: No commercial font found.
Please note: If you want to create professional printout, you should consider a commercial font.
Free fonts often have not all characters and signs, and have no kerning pairs (Avenue ↔ A venue, Tea ↔ T ea).
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