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Free Franklin fonts on the Web
Franklin Gothhvy
Franklin Gothlte
Franklin Gothic
Ben Franklin
S Franklin Cascaes
DTCFranklin GotM24
DTCFranklin GotM17
DTCFranklin GotM50
DTCFranklin GotM10
DTCFranklin GotM43
DTCFranklin GotM03
DTCFranklin GotM36
DTCFranklin GotM29
DTCFranklin GotM21
DTCFranklin GotM14
DTCFranklin GotM47
DTCFranklin GotM07
DTCFranklin GotM40
DTCFranklin GotM00
DTCFranklin GotM33
DTCFranklin GotM25
DTCFranklin GotM18
DTCFranklin GotM11
DTCFranklin GotM44

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Commercial Fonts
Please note: If you want to create professional printout, you should consider a commercial font.
Free fonts often have not all characters and signs, and have no kerning pairs (Avenue ↔ A venue, Tea ↔ T ea).
Check it for free with Typograf.

Most popular fonts
ITC Franklin Bold
$54 from ITC
ITC Franklin Gothic Heavy
$29 from Adobe
Franklin Gothic Condensed
$24 from Bitstream
Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed
$24 from Bitstream

Best price value packs
ITC Franklin Gothic
From $80 to $508 from ParaType, ITC, Adobe, Can... : 19 Styles
ITC Franklin Gothic Condensed
From $80 to $149 from ParaType, ITC, Adobe : 12 Styles
ITC Franklin Gothic Compressed
From $100 to $149 from ParaType, ITC, Adobe : 7 Styles
ITC Franklin
From $578 to $2084 from ITC : 5 Styles
Franklin Gothic
From $79 to $200 from URW++, Wiescher, Bitstrea... : 4 Styles
EF Franklin Gothic
$103 from Elsner+Flake : 3 Styles
URW Franklin Gothic
From $59 to $299 from URW++ : 2 Styles
Benjamin Franklin Volume
$80 from Intellecta
Franklin Antiqua BQ Volume
$275 from Berthold
SG Franklin Gothic SB Volume
$93 from Elsner+Flake
SG Franklin Gothic SH Volume
$93 from Elsner+Flake

Sorted by family
ITC Franklin Gothic
From $25 to $508 from ParaType, Adobe, ITC, Can... : 128 Styles
ITC Franklin
From $54 to $2084 from ITC : 53 Styles
URW Franklin Gothic
From $20 to $299 from URW++ : 19 Styles
Franklin Gothic
From $20 to $119 from Bitstream, URW++, Adobe, ... : 16 Styles
Tee Franklin
$19 from Suomi : 14 Styles
sg franklin gothic
From $29 to $93 from Elsner+Flake : 10 Styles
EF Franklin Gothic
From $35 to $103 from Elsner+Flake : 8 Styles
Franklin Gothic Hand
From $40 to $200 from Wiescher : 6 Styles
Benjamin Franklin
From $25 to $80 from Intellecta : 4 Styles
P22 Franklin Caslon
$20 from P22 : 3 Styles
Neo Franklin Light D
$20 from URW++
Ben Franklin Initials
$29 from Monotype
Franklin Antiqua BQ Volume
$275 from Berthold

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Franklin Gothic™
$19$ at | 23 fonts
Tee Franklin™
$19$ at | 14 fonts
Franklin Gothic™
Franklin Gothic™
$29$ at | 3 fonts
ITC Franklin™
$54$ at | 96 fonts
Franklin Gothic™
$29$ at | 3 fonts

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