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Free Ktav Yad Clm Medium Italic fonts on the Web

Relevant web pages
1. Hebrew Type Designs | Typophile  -
One reason I like the font David (not the only one) is its slant. Here is with Maxim Iorsh's David CLM: Michel. ... called
2. | SEO rating |  -
... font, handwriting, fonts, typeface, script, downloading true type, dingbats, PC Mac, typography, TrueType, postscript type 1, search, seek, suchen, ...
3. פונטים קוד פתוח ביוניקוד | Open Source ...  -
... Open Source and Unicode Hebrew Font pack: Miriam CLM ... Ktav-Yad CLM: Cursive, ktav-yad: Culmus Project: Maxim Iorsh: 0.91: GPL 2.0: Ellinia CLM (Italic) Cursive ...
4. Hebrew Culmus Fonts for MikTeX (LaTeX on Windows)  -
... Miriam Mono, and Nachlieli. In addition to these, three
5. Bug 445588 – With DejaVuSans-ExtraLight.ttf installed ...  -
just changed GNOME's Application Font to Yehuda CLM (hebrew culmus fonts project) ... style=Italic Ktav Yad CLM:style=Medium Italic Arial: ...
6. Hebrew font links - Luc Devroye  -
Hebrew font links, ... Shofar, Taamey David CLM, Taamey Frank CLM, Keter Aram Tsova ... OL Egmont (2005, +Medium, Medium Italic, Condensed: after Sjoerd Hendrik ...
7. hebrew secondary styles | Typophile  -
The italic fonts for Latin seem to be designed in such a way that a single word, ... The image above with ktav yad amidst regular Hebrew text doesn't acheive this.
8. Linotype Trajanus Italic font download :: free fonts, best ...  -
Linotype Trajanus Italic font ... Xenon Medium. Expressions JL. Year 3000. Century Schoolbook. Yearlind Thin Italic. Yehonatan. Yellowjacket Expanded. Yoav Ktav. You ...
9. Third Generation Condensed Italic font download :: free fonts ...  -
Third Generation Condensed Italic font download, ... Yoav Ktav. You are the one. ... Garamond Medium Italic. (c) 2011 Sitemap ...
10. - turning off warning messages  -
Guttman Adii is replaced with David Medium Italic --> ... <alias> <family>Ktav Yad</family> <accept><family>Ktav Yad CLM</family></accept> </alias> <alias ...

Commercial Fonts
Please note: If you want to create professional printout, you should consider a commercial font.
Free fonts often have not all characters and signs, and have no kerning pairs (Avenue ↔ A venue, Tea ↔ T ea).
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