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1. NSimSun - Version 5.01  -
Purchase & Download NSimSun font for personal, professional or business use on workstations ... fonts under license from Microsoft or under license from other font vendors. ...

2. Pinyin Joe - Chinese fonts in US Windows XP  -
Chinese language fonts available in US Windows XP, with example images, plus some advice on which to use and what you might want to add.

3. SimSun  -
NSimSun - Simplified Chinese. License | Download: NSimSun - Simplified Chinese Font ... License | Download: SimSun - Regular - GB18030 with embedded bitmaps Font ...

4. East Asian Unicode fonts for Windows computers  -
Details of Windows fonts that include East Asian Unicode character ranges. Part of Alan Wood's Unicode Resources.

5. Pinyin Joe - Chinese fonts in US Windows Vista  -
A list and description of the Chinese language fonts available in Microsoft Windows Vista. ... In your font menu you should also find Chinese minority language fonts for Yi ...

6. Arabic – Test for Unicode support in Web browsers  -
Test your Web browser and fonts for the ability to display the Unicode Arabic range of characters. Part of Alan Wood's Unicode Resources.

7. Vim, Gvim, utf8, and Chinese in Windows XP  -
I've found several free chinese fonts, but none that are unicode AND fixed width. ... The font NSimSun (SimSun) is being shipped with Windows, you have to activate ...

8. Code Style: NSimSun CSS font-family text sample  -
The NSimSun font sample below is part of the Code Style font sampler and survey of the ... True oblique style is not supported by many fonts and may be rendered ...

9. 556: Write and typeset documents in Simplified Chinese  -
Step 2. Modify the display fonts. Although the document will correctly ... In the Face area, select the font NSimSun if it is not already selected. ...

10. [chinese mac] Fonts  -
The most common PostScript font format is Type 1. Chinese Postscript fonts use the CID format, which uses ... are proportional fonts, while MingLiU and NSimSun are monospaced. ...

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