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1. FZ Xiao Zhuan Ti S13 - Desktop font « MyFonts  -
Founder offers fonts in up to 4 encodings: The GB 2312-80 encoding contains simplified Chinese characters and is designed for normal use in mainland China. The GB/T 12345 ...

2. FZXiao Zhuan Ti-S 13 GB/T 12345 - Glyphs « MyFonts  -
FZXiao Zhuan Ti-S 13 GB/T 12345 font by Founder, from $29.00 ... This is a listing of all 8,104 glyphs contained in the font, including OpenType variants that may only be ...

3. Chinese Symbol History - Foreigners In China - Essential ...  -
Actually even nowadays, many calligraphers like to write in Xiao Zhuan font in calligraphy works because Xiao Zhuan has the combined merits of easiness in writing and the ...

4. Books with the Same Characters  -
In order to unify the characters, the government promulgated that “Xiao Zhuan“ font (mini-seal script, an ancient style of calligraphy) to be the national standard ...

5. Talk:Qin Shi Huang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  -
Does anybody know where the Xiao Zhuan font used to write the

6. Chinese Language (The Best Language)  -
... to a degree of perfection of the picture almost completely divorced from the text, a neatly harmony, and is basically very handsome rectangular box fonts. But Xiao Zhuan ...

7. Online Interface to the Language on Bronze Inscription  -
With the particles (in a normal font set or additional particle set) and signs ... User Interface

8. Re: Chinese Character Usage Frequency - The ...  -
You should use the Unicode for them, and specify a Xiao Zhuan font in the CSS. Besides, GIF is obsolete. Use PNG instead. For scanned images or

9. Culture  -
The font of Xiao Zhuan was named the standard font and was ordered to be used by the entire empire. The unification of the writing system helped in unifying an empire ...

10. Chinese fonts - Computational Geometry Lab  -
Links to Chinese fonts compiled by Luc Devroye. ... FZ Xi Qian M15, FZ Xi Shan Hu M13, FZ Xi Yuan M01, FZ Xiao Biao Song B05, FZ Xiao Zhuan ...

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FZ Xiao Zhuan Ti S13
FZ Xiao Zhuan Ti S13
29$ at MyFonts
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