Font News

  1. The font size battle: How music festivals decide who’s a ‘bigger’ name - Washington Post   16 hours ago
    In the world of music festival posters, a bigger font size means you’re a bigger musician. But do these differences line up with your expectations?
  2. "Connect with Type" – Morisawa Fonts Subscription Service Launches in Singapore   1 day ago
    Morisawa Fonts Service Site LutesUDPE_Sample UDReiminSC_Sample Font Search Click here to visit the website: OSAKA, JAPAN, February 29, 2024 / -- Morisawa Fonts is a subscription service that offers unlimited access to over 2,000 high-quality and diverse fonts, including Japanese fonts as well as fonts for languages from around the world. While the service has been widely used in Japan, in response to the increasing requests for purchases from ...
  3. Everything YOU Could Ever Want to Know About Fonts | Daily Infographic   5 days ago
    Fonts are a subtle way to attract and retain readers. They sometimes go unnoticed but the right ones can make all the difference.
  4. F. C. Variable: Rob en Robin create customisable illustrations inspired by variable fonts | Creative Boom   1 day ago
    The worlds of illustration and variable fonts collide in a new project from creative duo [Rob en Robin]( titled [F. C. Variable...
  5. Microsoft Word’s Default Typeface Changed From Calibri to Aptos. Did You Notice? - The New York Times   2 days ago
    A change in Microsoft Word’s default typeface, from Calibri to Aptos, didn’t register for everyone, but fans of typography got excited.
  6. The best font resource in 2024 | TechRadar   1 week ago
    We list the best font resources, to make it simple and easy for you to find new font styles for your website, app, ads, and printed assets.
  7. EXCLUSIVE: Cubs Number Font Has Subtly Changed for 2024   2 days ago
    In an unannounced change, the team’s number font has undergone a slight adjustment — and that has opened the door to a classic history mystery.
  8. How to install and use fonts on an Apple Mac   2 weeks ago
    macOS allows users to install third-party fonts to utilize in certain applications. Here