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  • Purchase Sharp Grotesk - Sharp Type

    Purchase Sharp Grotesk Toggle navigation Family Widths Weights Family . For Desktop. Sharp Grotesk Full Family For Desktop ... Thin Italic 05-20 (16 fonts) Add to cart. For Web. Sharp Grotesk Full Family For Web. Black 05-25 (21 fonts) & Black Italic 05-20 (16 fonts) Bold 05-25 (21 fonts) & Bold Italic 05-20 (16 fonts) Semibold 05-25 (21 fonts) & Semibold Italic 05-20 (16 fonts) Medium 05-25 ...

  • Village: Sharp Grotesk

    The thinnest and widest font in the family is Sharp Grotesk Thin 25. Sharp Grotesk Romans — 21 Widths Sharp Grotesk Italics — 16 Widths. Within the design space of the superfamily, different width and weight ranges are optimized for different optical sizes. The 20s are the most standard width, and a good starting point for designers in terms of overall utility. The extremes on either end ...

  • Village: Sharp Grotesk buy

    16 fonts / Thin Italics, All Widths Buy / $160 Standard / $160 Webfont 21 fonts / Light Romans, All Widths

  • Sharp Grotesk Thin 15 Regular Font - whatfontis.com

    Download Sharp Grotesk Thin 15 Regular font. Sharp Grotesk Thin 15 Regular by (C) 2016 Sharp Type Corporation

  • Similar free fonts and alternative for Sharp Grotesk Thin 15

    Similar free fonts and alternative for Sharp Grotesk Thin 15 - Roboto Mono Thin, Castorgate - Upright, Source Code Pro ExtraLight, Secret Code, Kerater UltraLight,

  • Sharp Grotesk - Sharp Type

    Sharp Type is a new, independent type foundry ... Sharp Grotesk Bold 15 Sharp Grotesk Bold Italic 15 Sharp Grotesk Bold 10

  • Sharp Grotesk Font Combinations & Free Alternatives · Typewolf

    Sharp Grotesk. Sharp Grotesk is a sans-serif typeface designed by Lucas Sharp and released through Sharp Type in 2017. The design was inspired by nineteenth century wood type combined with Adrian Frutiger’s technical design process.

  • Sharp Grotesk in use - Fonts In Use

    Sharp Grotesk in use. Designed by Lucas Sharp with Wei Huang, Greg Gazdowicz, Chantra Malee, and Octavio Pardo, Sharp Grotesk comes in 21 roman and 16 italic widths, each in 7 weights, for a total of 259 fonts.

  • Identifont - Sharp Type

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  • Armin Grotesk | Webfont & Desktop font | MyFonts

    Armin Grotesk Font: As a graphic designer, sometimes it’s impossible not to be inspired by the Swiss Style, specifically the work of Armin Hofmann, who ...

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